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KIS Off Road All Terrain Track Vehicle
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KIS All Terrain Tracked VehicleI have always been interested in tracked vehicles, and in the mid 90's I gathered the ideas of different types of tracked vehicles that I had seen over the years and built an All Terrain Tracked Vehicle. It was built rigid, with a V6 ford engine, automatic transmission and a Chevy drive train.
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It was very heavy (over 5000 lbs.), and used differential breaking to steer but performed quite well. I could drive over 3 to 4 inch diameter trees and climb some very impressive hills.
However there were some short falls, it rode awful and had a few other minor problems.

Making a living got in the way for a few years but I kept thinking of ways to improve the design and in the last couple years I have incorporated many new ideas. A change in the suspension, much lighter, and many other subtle changes. In the last 6 months I have been changing and testing many ideas. This New and Improved ATTV is simple to build, requiring minimal machining and average metal shop tools.

KIS ATTV Picture 3The "How I Built My All Terrain Tracked Vehicle" Part 1 is now available. Infomation on making the tracks, the type of engine to use, rear end, frame and suspension system, etc. are described in the Videos.
My Action Video of this machine doing its stuff is also available if you would like to see some of what it can do.

I have worked very hard at applying the KIS Principal to this machine. I will give you the dimensions and thickness of steel to use and a wealth of other information.

If you are interested in building one for yourself, it will save you a "GOB" of hours and a "GOB" of money experimenting. "For those of you not from the Midwest, a "GOB" is a lot". Very useful and straight forward information! More ATTV Pictures here.

Action - RollThe "How I Built My All Terrain Tracked Vehicle", is now available as a 2 Video Set. 4 hours of video, from laying out the first frame rail to the finished "Tank" ATTV. The set sells for one price of $149.95.

ur Demonstration video is just $24.95 It shows the "Tank" being driven and also with the cab off. You can see all the internal parts but no dimensions or details are given. You can easily see how it is put together.

You may purchase either by printing our Order Form and mailing it to us with your Check or Money Order.
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